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Home Buying From Your Lap

Tour multiple homes and even purchase one without ever stepping foot inside.

Using your tech can simplify the home buying process and in some cases will take you all the way through closing.

Houses can be viewed online from many resources including the realtors websites. This is a great way to save time on visiting houses that you will know you have no interest in buying.

Lots of people like the idea of being able to show their house to many people without having them walking through their home and possibly spreading germs as well potential buyers not wanting to have to visit numerous homes and exposures.

This is also a great tool if you are wanting to move far away from the area you are currently in.

From these sites you can see pictures, including panoramic views, of what the property looks like as well as rooms inside and main features of the home. 

Information on the neighborhood you are looking to buy your home in will be available online including what you’d like to know on schools, shopping, dinning, churches and more.

Financing with tech couldn’t be easier since there are many sites you can visit to apply for loans and get answers right away. 

Sending documents is easy with your tech and you can even use your smartphone to take pictures of documents and send them as a picture, pdf or other saved file.

These days many offices are offering virtual meetings via apps like Zoom and WebEx and in many cases will allow you to do everything you need electronically and then have virtual meetings to go over your documents and even execute your closing in certain instances. 

Homes are being offered with keypad entry so you don’t even need to pick up keys!

As with any online transactions, be sure you are using trusted sites when giving your personal information and use caution with companies you haven’t heard of.

Good luck and while you’re hunting, stop by and download our FREE Into Tomorrow App and participate to win some tech for your new home!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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