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How AI is Changing Digital Marketing


How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming an integral part of human life in today’s world. WebDev guide defines AI as software that is intelligent enough to reason, decide, analyze and even make predictions of the future. Company’s want to precisely target their market so they can save on product promotion costs involved in non-effective digital marketing. Artificial intelligence is currently being used to drive powerful and global search engines such as Google. The other big thing on the list of applications that are set to transform artificial intelligence is digital marketing. To make product promotion more effective, social media marketing has embraced artificial intelligence in a bid to save on costs. For instance, artificial intelligence is powering matched audience features and sponsored InMails by LinkedIn to make targeting more effective.


A survey carried out recently by Cambridge and Stanford universities concluded that artificial intelligence in a computer could have more in information about its human owner more than their family and friends. Artificial intelligence is bringing transformation to every aspect of our day to day professions. This will change the way marketers carry out their campaigns to the way the campaigns themselves are measured and run. AI will define how digital marketing will be conducted now and in the future. In this article, we shall highlight the transformative ways in which artificial intelligence technology is changing the world of digital marketing.


Specific demographics targeting

In today’s world, you can get data virtually anywhere and process it into insights that can be used by digital marketers to make more informed decisions. Accessibility of this information has enabled digital marketers in the targeting of specific demographics with everyday needs, wants and consumer preferences. Marketers are now able to make personalized efforts to reach the final customer more efficiently. This is possible by placing multiple ads to a particular group of people. The study of specific demographics in the consumer base results in the acquisition of insightful ideas that enable marketers to make more informed decisions. This consequently yields better results. It is critical for marketers to be cognizant of the fact the all consumers do not have similar tastes and preferences and should be treated that way.


The use of chatbots

Thanks to artificial intelligence and accessibility to a broader range of data, chatbots are now smarter than ever before. Chatbots are being used to replace the traditional use of sales representatives in a company. They can be used all the time and give consistent results without the disadvantages of a weak sales representative. In a nutshell, Chatbots eliminate the human factor limitations that are associated with customer service agents and sales representatives. A bot can handle more clients at any given time than any human being would ever achieve. They also have a calm and a patient demeanor as they are not subject to fatigue like in human beings. Overall, the use if chatbots will ensure an improved consumer brand experience which boosts sales and consequently the return on investment for your company.


Customer needs and behavior prediction

It is now possible for artificial intelligence machines to go through large amounts of data available on the World Wide Web, analyze and learn from it. This new aspect of technology is known as machine learning. Machine learning utilizes the acquired information to assist digital marketers in comprehending more about their consumers’ needs and preferences. This makes it possible for digital marketers to design ads that are targeted to a specific group of interested consumers based on the data collected through machine learning. Marketers are also able to predict market trends and characteristics today and in the future.


As technology continues to evolve, digital marketing is also changing. Marketer’s ability to reach consumers has been improved thanks to the accessibility of more information on the internet. Informed decision making on digital marketing strategies will mean that businesses can venture into new markets and increase their sales. Artificial intelligence has made it possible for companies to serve each consumer depending on their specific needs.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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