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How Does The Gear VR Work?

Gio from Cooper City, Florida wants to know more about a set of VR goggles he saw on of our videos

Samsung Galaxy Gear VR

Gio asked: I have a question about the virtual reality glasses that I saw on a recent video – I fell in love with them, but I’m not really sure how they work – how you can interact with your phone.

The video that Gio saw was this one:

Gio, what you saw was the Samsung Gear VR (as in Virtual Reality), and it’s really cool. It does a great job of tracking your head and immersing you in a 3D world that responds very naturally to your movements.

The way it interacts with the phone is simple: you open a lid on the font and the phone literally goes inside the headset. After it’s inside, the phone projects two images (one for each eye) to give you a 3D effect, and it tracks your head’s movement using it’s built in gyroscope so that it can move the images as your head moves.

Now… that’s the cool part, here come the bad parts: it costs $200, there’s only a handful of apps that work with it, and it only works with Samsung phones… specifically only with Samsung Note phones…  as long as it’s the Note 4 or 5 or the newest Edge devices… yup, it’s useless unless you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 5, or Edge, and they are not cheap phones that you’d buy just to use with a headset.

We have good news for you though! Google came out with a competitor that’s not limited to the Note line. It’s called Google Cardboard, and as you probably guessed it is entirely made out of cardboard. Now Google used it to show off the same feature and gave the kits away at their Google I/O conference this year (some years you get a phone, some years you get a Chromebook, some years you get a cube made out of recycled egg cartons). You can buy copies of the same kit for as little as $4 online.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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