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Inspiration with Tech

With the new year comes lots of new habits and tech can help you keep them.

Technology has come a long way in helping you achieve your goals especially where fitness is concerned and it can do the same to workout your mental and spiritual well being too.

Whether you just want to avoid burnout and relax and recharge a little or dive deep into your spiritual practices with meditations and mantras, there are a ton of apps available to help you do just that right in the palm if your hand, 

Download one of many apps that provide you with tools you need to like daily inspirational texts, guided meditations, soothing sounds and music.

And in addition to daily inspirational texts, there are plenty of daily inspiration and affirmations available, as well as Bible apps, where you can read the daily along with other quotes and tips to assist in achieving your best spiritual self. In many of the apps you can personalize things like highlighting quotes and passages or saving your favorite notes and texts. 

You can even download spiritual magazines to read when the moments are available.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, download our FREE Into Tomorrow App and share your favorite inspirational tech. And for your spiritual guidance, we may even send you a prize to lift yours!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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