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Looking For A Smartphone Phablet? Consumer Reports Joins Us With Recommendations

samsungs note 5 and s6 edge plus

Consumer Reports joined Into Tomorrow this week to tell us about large screen smartphones

If you prefer a smartphone with a jumbo screen, you’re not alone. Industry analyst IDC says more smartphones with 5.5-inch or larger displays are being sold than ever before. So who makes the best phablet? Consumer Reports electronics spokesman James McQueen is here with some recommendations.


The OnePlus 3’s matte-finished aluminum unibody is one of the thinnest and sleekest smartphones we’ve seen—even after you slip on one of the company’s optional realistic faux-wood protective covers. And at around $400, it’s less expensive than many competitors. Best of all, its dual SIM card slots allows you to handle two phone numbers, even from different providers. That makes it an excellent option for anyone who needs a second smartphone for travel or business use but only has the budget—or pockets—for one device.

Lenovo’s Motorola Moto Z and Moto Z Force represent the latest examples of a shift in smartphone design: modularity. The concept is to enhance the performance of the smartphone by adding or swapping in components.

The Moto Z Force does this with attachments called Moto Mods that easily attach and detach to the back of the phone using magnets. The most practical Moto Mod may be the Battery Boost, available with or without wireless charging support, which promises to provide the Z Force with up to 22 hours of additional operating time.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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