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New Year Tech

It’s almost time to celebrate a New Year during a pandemic and heading into it with your tech is a great and safe way to celebrate! 

With lots of people going back on lockdowns and more being quarantined, this New Year will be one greatly celebrated virtually.

Since large gatherings of family and friends are not recommended, or even allowed in some places, people are having to celebrate virtually like we’ve done for many special occasions this year.

You can host a great Virtual New Year’s party by having everyone agree on a time to head online and enjoy the company of others while maintaining a safe distance. Agree on a menu so everyone can have their food and drinks at the same time as well as any special games or activities to do together. You can also watch specials on tv together as you watch the ba;; drop to celebrate 2021!

While traditions will be different some things will still remain like special events that won’t have the crowds but will still have performers helping you ring in the new year from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Check your local listings for what’s being broadcast in your area and when.

If you’re interested in how things are being celebrated in other parts of the world you can check online at the appropriate times and view live video from their sites as well. 

And while you’re waiting to ring in that New Year you can download our FREE Into Tomorrow App and not only get the latest in consumer tech but you can ask us all your tech questions 24 hours a day 7 days a week and even win a prize for asking!

Happy New Year to all of our Friends and Family from all of us at “Into Tomorrow”!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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