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Pay with your Tech

Thanks to technology there are so many easy ways to pay for things or even pay people!

Most people don’t carry cash these days and they use their credit or bank cards to pay for things. These day those cards come with chips that will enhance the security of your payment as well as easy ways to just tap your card to pay. 

You can use your smartphone to save bank cards and money in your electronic wallet and use it wherever that type of payment is accepted.

This technology has became more important for people to start using, especially during the pandemic, because it helps with having minimal contact 

Some people still like paying cash or just need to pay an individual and there are many cash paying apps you can download to help with that.

Just download the app and connect it to your bank account and then you can request or send money to anyone who has the same app. You can see a public feed of who’s paying who and what they are paying for as well as sharing your basic transaction information or keeping it private.

You then have the option to save your money to use within the app or have it transfer to your bank account. Some of the apps also offer free debit cards that can be used at any retailer as well. 

And you can even send a text to pay your friends with tools from your smartphone’s messaging app. You have to initially set up the bank account information but then once it’s connected, just tap on the icon and text the amount you want to pay and it will go instantly!

If you need to collect or charge money for a particular organization you have available apps to help with that as well.

While you’re downloading be sure to grab the FREE “Into Tomorrow” App where you can keep up with even more ways to pay with tech and ASK DAVE your questions 24/7!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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