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Playing 3D Videos From Your Camera On Your TV

Sallie in Carey, North Carolina listens on WPTF 680 AM asked us about playing 3D videos at home

Fuji 3D Camera

*Audio archived for 6 months

Sallie asked: “I was wondering if you can help me understand better how I’m gonna integrate my 3D camera – the Fujifilm 3D camera – it’s TV compatible with movies and stills. They say you can put it on TV. I was wondering if that’s an anaglyph process. I use it just for print at this point, but think it would be fun to do 3D movies on the TV and wanted a little bit of guidance on getting started with that.”


Sally, it’s not really anaglyph from the camera, it may be from the TV but the camera won’t split the image. For those who may not know, anaglyph is the processes that splits the image into two different images, one for each eye.

Your camera can be connected to your TV either through a an A/V cable or an HDMI cable, 3D is only available via the HDMI cable, however, that’s not enough.

You also need a 3D capable TV, that’s what we meant by the anaglyph process not happening at camera level, the camera just passes the 3D media along to the TV and it’s the 3D TV that plays it if it can. Otherwise all you’ll get is regular 2D.

The camera can also share 3D video with a 3D LG photoframe, but the odds of you having one of those are low.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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