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Real World Mech Fights Are Coming!

MegaBots vs Kuratas

A few years ago, Japanese Suidobashi Heavy Industries decided to send Godzilla a preemptive warning and they introduced a mech named “Kuratas,” armed with a rocket launcher and twin (smile-activated) gatling guns.

If you don’t believe us, here is a video on how to operate it:

America’s Challenge

The U.S. has it’s own fighting mech, the MegaBots Mk II, and MegaBots has decided the time for mech fights is upon us and threw down the gauntlet in the video below:

Suidobasi Heavy Industry has accepted the challenge, provided that a melee is involved in the fight, and a Kickstarter page to support Team USA has already raised more than $250,000.

The dawn of the mech wars may be upon us!

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Written by Erasmo Almagno

Erasmo is the Radio Imaging & Audio designer for "Into Tomorrow" since 2009. He is passionate about Radio, jingles, IDs, Audio Productions and is always busy producing Radio imaging and commercials for Agencies and Radio Stations in the US and Europe.

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