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Replicating Real Life?

Immerse Yourself In The Movie

D-BOX Technologies designs, manufactures and commercializes cutting-edge motion systems intended for the entertainment and industrial markets as well as some Home Theater applications. Their technology uses motion effects specifically programmed for each visual content. The resulting motion is synchronized with the on-screen action, thus creating a unique, somewhat  realistic immersive experience.

Dave’s thoughts first, then we’ll get to mine.

The first full-length D-BOX experience that some of our “Into Tomorrow” Team and I had was with the recent release of “Pixels”. I don’t think that particular flick was the best example of what the D-BOX Motion Seats can do. They seemed to program a lot of movements just for the sake of having something to do. We left a bit disappointed.  However, we returned the following week for the debut of “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” and THAT was more worth the added expense of seeing a movie while sitting in the reserved D-BOX Motion Seats D-BOX Ticket (about $20 BTW). The chase scenes were awesome in terms of movement, vibration that almost made you think you were sitting on the motorcycle racing down alleys and when the IMF’s Ethan Hunt ( Tom Cruise) jumps into a giant vat of swirling water, the seats lean forward and I found myself not wanting to fall in! You can adjust the intensity of the vibrations/actions from Most Intense to … off. Though since you’ve spent the 20 bucks to use those seats, turning off would defeat the purpose.

With more than 330 movie screens in 28 countries, they have encoded slightly more than 150 motion pictures so far with their motion technology.

The theater we went to, Cinemark in Davie, Florida had two rows of D-BOX reserved seating. They were not all sold in either movie, but D-BOX Row of SeatsI could hear people behind me commenting about those of us “bouncing-around and moving” with the action. I thought that I might have needed an airsick bag, but it was not like that at all. The theater also had 2 demo seats in their lobby with several people waiting to try them. ~ Dave

Now, Fausto’s ‘Take’

When I learned about the D-Box motion seats I was curious, I have never experienced these motion seats at at movie theater before. I didn’t know they existed until Dave told me about them. As it happens, there’s only four movie theaters in South Florida with this technology and I rarely go to any of them. These seats have actually been around since 2009, when they began installing them in theaters, Today there’s only a few movie theaters that have them and there’s a limited number of movies that are D-Box ready. has a search feature to find commercial movie theaters near you and a list of movies with the technology.

My first experience was at the lobby of the movie theater, with only two seats and a small screen running a preview. At the end of the preview I was more concerned about my back being in pain after the entire movie.

Our movie choice was Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation, a great movie with lots of action and car chases and maybe an explosion or two. We thought this was the perfect choice to experience the immersive experience of the D-Box motion seats.

– Seats are assigned at the time of purchase, so you won’t have to worry about finding a seat
– There was only two rows of seats, all marked reserved and perfectly located in the auditorium
– D-Box seats are comfortable and spacious with plenty of leg room
– Having the choice of controlling the range of motion is great, going from no motion to the back breaking setting
– The experience was a bot more distracting than immersive, sometimes it felt like someone was kicking my seat
– Some of the motions appear to match the screen action, some felt more like an afterthought
– Not sure I am willing to pay more for these special D-Box tickets
– Watching theater goers being kicked out of the reserved seats or realizing they did not have the special tickets was sometimes as entertaining as the seats’ motion. LOL (:  ~ Fausto

We’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on our radio show! Have you experienced the D-BOX seats yet? What movie and what did you think?

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Written by Fausto

Fausto joined the Into Tomorrow team in 1999, he has worked as VP Network Operations, Producer and Creative Director. Now as Head Designer & owner of QGS Design, a Miami web development and graphic design firm, he contributes with his graphic and web design skills.

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  1. Cool thought Fausto: “Watching theater goers being kicked out of the reserved seats or realizing they did not have the special tickets was sometimes as entertaining as the seats’ motion. LOL