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REVIEW: Google Pixel 7 Pro

Like many of you, I have been on a search for that perfect phone. The phone that fits my needs while providing a warm, welcoming, easy to use interface without sacrificing any of the technical gadgetry I crave as an avid user. The one phone to rule them all, if you will. And after much trial and error, I have come as close to that goal as possible with the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Under the hood is 12GB of RAM, up to a half terabyte of storage space and Google’s own Tensor G2 with a Titan M2 security co-processor. Sounds legit, tough and official and enough for me to move on to the real draw for me: the camera. Boasting 3 rear cameras with a whopping 50MP telephoto wide-angle lens, this camera system is comparable to either the iPhone 14 Pro or Galaxy S22 Ultra. But in my view, far superior. I never knew insects and fingertips could look like that until I saw them with the Macro Zoom feature that is essentially a high-def magnifying glass. Video is amazing as well with super smooth image stabilization and a cinematic mode that makes any recording seem professional and, well, truly cinematic. The optical zoom has a coil motor that produces a slight rattling noise when you shake the phone, but that’s normal.

Oh, and did I tell you that it never crashes? And I’ve put it through it’s paces, believe me, with dozens of applications and games running at once. It’s fast. Really fast. Starting up from power off to fully capable happens in under 6 seconds. I stream anything to my big screen Google TV with ease. With a 30W USB C charger (not included) the phone charges from 0-100 in less than an hour and can last for 3 days on power saver mode. You can also share your Pixel’s battery charge with any other phone wirelessly.

3 microphones provide for crisp voice calling and recording while dual speakers deliver clear stereo sound loud enough to rival a portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s the first phone I’ve ever used where the proximity sensor actually works and doesn’t accidentally press buttons with your face while talking on it.

Built-in VPN powered by Google One that you usually have to pay for provides you with wireless security and whenever your camera is being accessed by any app, a little green icon pops up by the battery meter to let you know it’s happening.

And they’re gorgeous to look at. I chose the hazel color with chrome accents and often forget how nice it looks because I only see it when I take it out of the case to clean it or change the screen protector. I even went so far as to get insurance for the phone, a first for me, because I like it that much. The Pixel 7 Pro, while it may not be a game changer, certainly shows off some elegance and flexes its muscle in the ring at a price point hundreds of dollars less than its big-name rivals. It is by far, my favorite smartphone.

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