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Samsung Unveils The Note 7

Samsung decided to skip the number 6 and dive right into the Note 7

Samsung Note 7

At an event in New York, Samsung’s President of the Mobile Communications Business “DJKoh” unveiled the Note 7

The Note 7 looks a lot like its predecessor, the Note 5, but it features a curved 5.7″ screen capable of HDR video.

The phone is water resistant to survive being dropped “into the water fountain” or “the loo” (don’t take your brand new phone deep sea diving), its S Pen is water resistant too, as it should be, since it slides into the phone for storage.

The pen allows the user to jot down notes and display them on the phone’s always-on screen. The new S Pen is also more precise than the old Note 5’s.

The Note 7 will ship with 64GB of storage and up, will support SD cards, will feature a USB-C connector (but will ship with a free adapter), and will be available in 4 colors: Black Onyx, Blue Coral, Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium (you can ignore the second “marketing” word for each of the colors).

Samsung made it a point to make it clear that it will work with their Smartwatches, VR headset, and Samsung Pay, so if you thought their new flagship wouldn’t play nice with the rest of their lineup, you were wrong, we can’t imagine why anyone would think that, though.

Curved Screen Samsung Note 7
Curved Screen

Iris Scanning


As expected, Samsung incorporated Iris scanning as an alternative to fingerprint scanning for security. Not much is clear about how, and how well, the technology will work in the real world, but it does allow the user to unlock the phone, and to unlock secure folders, and Samsung is working with a handful of big name banks to  “explore” adding Iris scanning to their apps.

 Samsung Cloud


Note 7 buyer will be given 15GB of Samsung Cloud storage space for free. They can use that space to backup and restore the phone without having to bother with manual backups and without having to connect to a computer.

Pricing and Availability


The phone will be available on August 19th, pre-orders will start as early as tomorrow, but no pricing was mentioned on the press conference.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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