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Samsung Unveils Two New Mid-Tier Phones

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Samsung held an event this week in which it unveiled two mid-tier phones.

If you search the internet for mentions of this event you will find few. Events like this one have largely lost their appeal over the years in a world in which the “new product” is last years phone with a slightly better processor and a slightly better camera, both things you will not notice and for which the company will try to get you to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Samsung’s unveiling is arguably even less interesting in that it revolves around showing off two mid-tier phones which would normally be announced via a written press release, likely in an attempt to draw attention away from Apple’s own forgettable mid-tier phone announcement a few days earlier.

The A33 and A53

The two phones Samsung showed off are the A33 and A53, both come with a quad-camera system.

Both feature 8-core processors but the RAM varies between 6 and 8GBs, and both of course features 5G connectivity.

The A53 comes with a front-facing 32MP camera which is likely overkill of something that will always be used at arms length to take pictures that are almost never printed or shown in ultra high resolution screens, but that will take up a lot of storage space on the phones themselves which tops out at 256GB. The A33’s front-facing camera is 16MP.

The cameras use AI to improve night shots, and that feature is likely to actually be useful in the real world.

Both phones feature a Super AMOLED display, the A53’s is 6.5″ and has refresh rate of 120hz, while the A33’s is 6.4″ and has a refresh rate of 90hz. Both display use Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

Both phones claim a 2-day battery life out of a 5000 mAh battery, and support 25W charging (which will require a 5A USB charger).

The A53 will retail of $450 and the A33 for $369.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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