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Scanning Your Photos Faster

Jim in Washtucna, Washington asked us about scanning photos

Epson FF-640© by Epson

Jim asked: “I have a Canon 2250 all-in-one printer. I’m trying to scan family photos. Is there a product that’s quicker than doing it one at a time?”


Jim, there are definitely faster ways to scan a lot photos.

Last year Epson released what it calls “the world’s fastest photo scanner.” It’s called the FastFoto FF-640 and it can scan 1 picture per second, which would work out to 60 a minute if you could fit 60 into the feeder but, unfortunately, it only takes 30 at a time. Even if that slows you down, you’ll probably get through the 30 pictures in the feeder before you’d be done with your first picture on your all-in-one printer.

Now, Kodak probably disagrees with Epson as to what “the fastest in the world” means, since their own PS80 can scan 85 photos per minute.

Epson released what it calls “the world’s fastest photo scanner.”

Here’s why we’re going to recommend you just send your photos out to one of the countless services that will scan your pictures for you instead of using either of these: the Kodak PS80 will cost you more than $2000, the comparatively cheaper Epson FF-640 will make you $650 poorer.

Unless you’re running a photo scanning side business, you’re probably better off using a service like which will scan 1,800 photos for you and mail them back to you for $145. If you don’t expect to have to scan around 8000 pictures, you’ll probably save money using a service like that.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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