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Take Care Of Your e-Waste

We’ve just celebrated Earth Day and now is a great time to make sure you’re recycling your old technology safely.

Technology is constantly changing and people are always upgrading to the latest and greatest which means we are overloading landfills with old tech. 

This is causing major environmental and health problems because of the hazardous toxins some of the materials contain. 

Recycling centers are popping up more and more to help and some even offer special dates they will pick up old electronics from your home. Just check with your local government offices to see what they offer

If you live in a private community they may offer free recycling drop off and pick as well, check with your association for details.

Certain retailers are offering special deals including cash for you to turn in your old tech to them for proper recycling. 

And to hear all about the newest items taking the place of your recyclable tech, download our FREE Into Tomorrow App and join us anytime with your questions and comments. Let us know what new tech you’ve replaced yours with and we’ll send you something new just for participating!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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