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Lost Remote? Check your App

Most every home has remote controls, many of them teeny tiny, and lots of those homes have trouble keeping track of them.

When you’ve gone through the usual actions of bickering with family members on who lost the remote, searched all the furniture cushions and the kids toy box and still can’t find your remote, you should consider some high tech help.

Purchase a small tracking device that can be placed on the back of the remote and then you can find it using the tracking app. There are many options available so the best thing to do is search your favorite retailer for the one that fits your needs and remote best.

Some smart remotes that allow you to use voice commands will work with their apps to locate the remote by playing a sound so you can find it.

You can also download the remote for your smart tv and just use your smartphone app as the remote control. 

Using your smartphone remote is also a fun way to prank your loved ones while watching tv if they don’t you have it and wonder why the channel keeps changing or the volume is going up and down … LOL

And of course the best thing to do is always put the remote in the same place or get a small basket/dich to store them in that everyone knows about.

Happy searching and don’t forget to click on the FREE Into Tomorrow App download and tell us your favorite way to keep track of your remotes. 

AND you can win a prize just for sharing!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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