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Tech Typing :)

Typing with your tech …  

With more and more people using computers for work, school and pleasure, it’s a good idea to know how to type. You can use your existing technology and learn right from home at anytime. Head online to places like Typing Club or Typing Web which provide lessons, tests, games and more to help you perfect your typing skills. Free Typing Game, Type Online, and Peter’s Typing Lessons are a few more helpful sites to try. Speed Typing Online is an easy stop to let you know how fast and accurate you are.

There are many sites dedicated to helping kids learn and master typing skills as well. Some fun ones to check out are; Learn to TypeABCya and Learning Games for Kids.  

Since many people use their smartphones or tablets to type, there are several Apps available to help perfect that skill as well. Animal Typing, Typing Fingers, Typing Tutor, Tap Typing and Ghost Type are some that are worth a look.

Feel free to try out your typing skills by leaving a comment about your favorite way to perfect your typing. We may even share your comment “Into Tomorrow” friends!

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