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Thanksgiving During a Pandemic Using Tech …

Family and friends are wanting to gather to celebrate Thanksgiving however with the pandemic still going on and numbers on the rise, many are turning to their tech to help celebrate the occasion.

While you can use your smartphone to go virtual, the best thing for the family celebration would be a larger tablet or laptop so that you can see more of your family and friends and you can place the device right at a spot on your table.

There are many online outlets for video conferencing you can choose from, just be sure everyone downloads the same one so you can “meet up” in the same place.

Ahead of time you can send care packages to your loved ones so they are sure to have all the supplies and fun they need to celebrate the Holiday. Some items may even include pictures and certain holiday decorations so everyone can have the same items in their separate homes yet have the look and feel of celebrating together.

Some like to trade certain recipes and everyone make the same menu so that all are sharing the same food at their virtual table.

And a fun surprise may be to send gifts to each other that can be opened while you’re online together.

You can also spread some Thanksgiving love on your social media and text messaging with cute holiday emojis. 

While you’re online celebrating be sure to say Thank You to our US troops especially those missing their Thanksgiving with family.

We are thankful for YOU and invite you to download our FREE Into Tomorrow App and ask your tech questions 24/7 where we show our appreciation by sending great tech prizes!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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