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The History Of Optical Discs, And Choosing A Cameraphone

Samsung Camera Phone

On this edition of our IFA History Feature, Chris tells us about the history of optical discs:

Since the compact disc was such a huge success, the industry tried to develop the technology further. A photo CD for pictures, an interactive CD-I and a CD video format for up to 74 minutes of video were developed, but the capacity was limited at 900MB. So the industry jointly worked on a new system, based on the CD technology but with much higher capacity. In 1995 the Digital Video Disc, sometimes also referred to as Digital Versatile Disc, with a capacity of 4.7 GB was defined, nearly double that capacity in a double layer version. Of course IFA was the stage for the new DVD technology.

Listener Spud in California has a question about cameraphones:

He said: “Interested in a large screen camera/phone arrangement”

Do you mean cameraphone with a large screen? Cause pretty much any modern phone will take very nice pictures. You can probably just settle for the phablet of your choice, be it the Galaxy Note 5, the iPhone 6+, or any of the many, many other ones and they will all function as a great point and shoot camera.

A lot of phablets even have pretty high megapixel counts if you want to take big pictures, the Note 5 has a 16MP camera for example, the LG G3 has a 13MP camera, those should give you plenty of pictures for large prints.

You could also look at a smart camera, which would pretty much have to be one of the cameras on the Samsung Smart Camera line up. Those are fully featured, large zoom cameras that run on Android and can do just about everything a smartphone can.

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