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The iPhone 8 Vs The iPhone X

Freddie in San Jose, California asked us about the iPhone X and the iPhone 8

iPhone X

Freddie asked: “I was interested in the new iPhone X. Wanted to see what you thought about it and what the difference between it and the iPhone 8. Which one would you choose?”


Freddie, both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 use the same A11 Bionic processor, the iPhone 8 comes with 2GB of RAM but both the 8 Plus and the X come with 3GB of RAM.

The phones are fairly similar in terms of features, they’re all rated IP67 making them water resistant, they all use Bluetooth 5, they’re all 4K capable, the all do wireless charging.

The X does away with the TouchID button and replaces it with FaceID instead, and manages to have a screen that’s larger than the 8 Plus’ on a body that is only slightly larger than the smaller 8.

The phones are fairly similar in terms of features

Other than the screen and the lack of the home button, the main difference you’ll find if you switch to the X is the new gestures to control the phone. Swiping up doesn’t bring up Control Center anymore, it acts the way the home button used to, the gesture unlocks the phone and exits apps. Swiping down does different things on the left and the right side of the screen. Closing apps requires holding down your finger and pushing a button on the X, instead swiping them away as you do on the other models.

People get used to the new gestures very quickly, but there’s still another major difference between the models: $300 in price. The X is even $200 more expensive than the 8 Plus, and the features are largely about the same on both phones.

People who own the X seem to like it a lot, but it’s really more of a phone you have to want to buy than a phone it makes sense to buy over the 8-series.


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Written by Dave Graveline

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