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Travel Safe Using Your Tech …

With Spring Breaks going on and more people getting their vaccines, travel is becoming more popular again.

Using your tech can help you to travel safely 

It is recommended that you check online with the CDC for the latest travel guidelines which include mask requirements and restrictions by destination, testing requirements, international rules and other important information like when not to travel.

Families are still loving  the idea of hitting the open road and enjoying some of the great outdoors in the safety of their own bubble. You can rent an RV from a number of sites which allow you to check options, pricing, destinations and order your vehicle online to have waiting for you or in some cases even delivered.

There are also a few RV sharing sites where private individuals can list their RV’s for rent. 

Be sure to take advantage of the Map features in your smartphone or download a gps app to help with directions and stops you may need along the way like gas or food. These apps can also alert you of road conditions and detours.

If you are ready to fly, there are a number of online deals for travelers and you can use the online sites to look for the perfect destinations and deals for you. Be sure to check the website of whichever airline you choose to see what their travel requirements and restrictions are.

In order to not have to worry about carrying papers and handing them back and forth you can use the airlines’ app to scan your passes.

You can also store these items electronically in your smartphone wallet.

And speaking of your wallet, using features like Apple Pay will allow you to store your payment information in your phone and then using your face id, you can use your smartphone to pay.

If you don’t use the wallet features you can also have minimal contact by using the tap to pay feature on your debit and credit cards.

You can also use your smartphone to help with contactless accommodation arrangements by searching for and booking hotels, vacation homes and cars and you can even check in and unlock most of them with apps from your phone.  

Don’t forget to travel our way and grab our FREE Into Tomorrow App so you can stay up to date on the latest tech while traveling as well as participate with us to earn some cool prizes!

Wishing all of our friends safe and enjoyable travels!                                                  

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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