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TV & Movies anywhere …

When you’ve missed your favorite TV show, are running late to get home to watch it or even just need to catch up on a series or movie, look no further than your favorite online device.

Almost all major TV stations offer you the ability to watch recent episodes of theirs through their website and are usually available pretty quickly after they air. 

In addition, some major networks also stream some of their events live as well as allowing you to download their apps and watch right on your smart tv. This is a good way to get higher quality programming, like 4K, when your service provider doesn’t offer the same quality.

There is also a large variety of streaming services available with some great original movies and series. The best thing to do is download the free trial versions of each and check out their content to see which has the most shows and movies you like. You can also ask friends and family maybe even with a social media post to help others wondering the same.

Most service providers give you the opportunity to log on to their site or mobile App to watch shows or movies on the go as well as the ability to schedule your home device to record things you may miss. 

Be aware of some sites where you are able to see content that is not available to the public yet as they are always risky since you never know which are going to download a virus or other malware to your device so always be sure your protection is running. 

While you’re online watching,  don’t forget to view the latest in tech with us and download our free Into Tomorrow App! 

Happy watching!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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