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Video Surveillance Systems And Where To Get Them

Anthony in Guam listens on K57 asked us about home security systems

Security Cameras

Anthony asked: “I’m planning on putting a video surveillance system in my residence, internal and external. Should I get wireless, or a wired video system? I’d also like to know the best place to purchase these items online.”


Wireless is easier to install but you still have to run power to wherever you install the cameras, whereas a wired system can be found that uses POE (power over ethernet) where the network cable powers the device and you don’t need to run electrical.

Very good choices in consumer friendly surveillance camera systems include the Arlo Pro from Netgear, the LG Smart Security Wireless Cam, and the Nest Cam (both indoor and outdoor versions).

You can combine these with a video doorbell to give you a clear picture of the person ringing

Prices on all these are comparable for single camera prices, ranging from $180 to $220, and all three offer bundles for multiple cameras at a discounted price per camera. You can always add cameras later, as well.

They will store recorded video, triggered by motion or sound, both locally to a computer or NAS drive, or to the cloud where you can access the video from anywhere in the world.

You can combine these with a video doorbell to give you a clear picture of the person ringing, before you have to open your door.

As for where to purchase things online, there are a lot of sources for devices like these. and will both have them, and both of those are reputable sites. Best Buy, both stores and online, are also likely to carry them.

We like because of their excellent customer service and how promptly they respond when there is a problem with an order. But the bottom line is going to be comparing prices for yourself, and buying wherever you can get the best deal.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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