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What Do You Need To Know Before Buying A Security Camera System?

Daniel in Windsor Ontario, Canada listens on AM800 CKLW - “The Information Station” asked us about security cameras

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Daniel asked: “I was getting some security cameras for my place and I was wondering if there were some things I should be aware of, or the other thing I was going to ask is how to properly install them. I was going to install them on the soffit and run the wires through the attic to a central hub.”


Daniel, you should probably be aware of the power options. Wireless or wired, your cameras are going to need to be powered somehow.

Since you’re already thinking about running wires, your easiest option would probably be to install cameras that can be powered by the same cable that carries the video. That may be power over ethernet or power over coax, either way, that would mean you only have to run a single cable to each camera.

It makes sense to us, in fact, that’s how the cameras in our studios are wired.

As for how you’re thinking about wiring the cameras, it makes sense to us, in fact, that’s how the cameras in our studios are wired.

If you’re buying cameras that can be monitored online, make sure you change the username and password, in case anyone ever tries the factory credentials.

If you’re running ethernet cameras, you may need to buy some network equipment, we run ours here through a network switch, but odds are that if you buy a full camera system you won’t have to spend any extra money, they normally come with all the components you need.

If you’re going with ethernet based cameras, aim for a system that uses PoE, or “power over ethernet”. That will reduce installation complexity immensely. Also, don’t plug them into a “hub” — be sure to use a “switch” instead. That will increase data efficiency over the network. Some of these camera kits come with their own cheap little “hub” that isn’t worth the plastic they’re in!


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Written by Dave Graveline

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