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Weekend of April 17th, 2015 – Hour 2

 Tech News & Commentary

Trey in La Vergne Tennessee …. listens on SuperTalk WTN 99.7 FM asked us: “I have an iPhone 5 and I am thinking of switching to the iPhone 6. Should I wait a little longer for the iPhone 6s to come out, if it is coming out? Or should I go ahead and go with the 6, or stay with the 5?”

The iPhone 6 is a big step up from the iPhone 5, it has better battery, the TouchID fingerprint reader, an improved camera, a better processor, NFC payments, it’s thinner, it’s lighter, it has a larger screen, it’s definitely a better phone and you will notice the difference.

intotomorrow_logoNow, should you wait for the next one? The next one hasn’t been announced, the next Apple event is scheduled for June when it may or may not be announced. The thing is, the next one is always around the corner. You have to ask yourself, How long are you planning to keep this phone? if you don’t care about having the absolute latest one and will not upgrade the second the next one comes out, then it may not be worth waiting.

If you want to play it safe, wait until June, see what they talk about, it may be another phone, it may be another version of Mac OS 10, or another iPad or another Apple TV, all we know for sure is that they’re going to mention how fantastically well the Apple Watch has been selling, followed by 6 or 7 superlatives.

If they don’t announce a new phone then and you don’t feel like waiting a few months until the next event, just get the phone.

The most important tip we can give you is this: whenever you do upgrade, forget smartphones exist. Pay not attention to them until yours starts giving you trouble, then you can acknowledge them again, that way you may not care about the next one just around the corner.

For more information tune in to Hour 2 of our podcast.

 “This Week in Tech History” Weekly Feature with Chris Graveline

Jan in Apex, North Carolina listens on WPTF 680 AM asked us: “I’m trying to learn a little about technology. I don’t have a computer. I do have an iPhone. You mentioned the other day about Periscope. It makes me afraid to take the iPhone my daughter got me, to the bathroom. I know it sounds silly but it just made me a little nervous and I wondered if I could hear a little more about Periscope. Another thing I wanted to know about was the ChromeBox you mentioned. I just want to call my son-in-law and tell him I know something. I asked him about it and he said he’d check and that he knows about it but I don’t think he did. “

Jan, Periscope is an app that you have to choose to install on the phone from the App Store, after you do that, you need to open it, link it to your Twitter account — if you have one, and then ask it to start broadcasting.

Your phone will not start broadcasting your life without your permission, you have to go through several steps to get it to broadcast even when you want it to. Don’t worry, you can take your iPhone into the bathroom and you won’t be oversharing without noticing. The easiest way to ensure that would be to not even bother downloading Periscope.

About the Chromebox, a Chromebox is a device that you can connect to a TV or monitor and it works as a web-only computer. If all you need is a web browser, that’s what you’ll get with one of those.

The downside is that it does less than a full fledged computer, the upside is that they’re maintenance-free devices, and they’re cheap. There’s barely any setup, they’re light, they have long battery life, but they are not a fully fledged computer.

If you’re interested in Chromeboxes, you may also want to look at Chromebooks, they’re basically the same thing, but in a laptop form factor.

Google also announced the Chromebit, a stick that plugs into your TV and gives you the same functionality, it’s expected to cost around $100, but it’s not available yet.

For more information tune in to Hour 2 of our podcast.

CEA Update:

You know The International CES is in Las Vegas every January. But the Consumer Electronics Association also brings the magic of CES to the nation’s capital each year. Krista Silano explains in this week’s CEA Update.

Facebook Participation: “We posted this last week on the “Into Tomorrow” Facebook page: Do YOU have a 4K Ultra HD TV? Just ‘like’ our FB page and then tell us what YOU watch on your 4K Ultra HD TV … and we’ll send you an UltraFlix Gift Card to use to watch some additional 4K content! — while supplies last of course!)”

Here are some of the responses we shared on the air:

Brad: Iron Dragon TV!

Melvin:  I have been waiting for some 4K to watch on my TV for two years now ! Bring it on!

Maureen: I watch Everything I can!

Mohammad: I can’t enjoy Ultraflix because Sony 2014 4K UltraHDTV doesn’t have this Great app. I’ve used it on my cousin’s Samsung 4K UltraHDTV and it was great. I’m missing out.

Chris: Interstellar was awesome indeed!

Brian: “War of the Arrows” is SWEET in 4k on the Vizio. Oh yeah ‘Interstellar’ is pretty cool too.

Maurice: I watch Iron dragon TV baby!!! got the flying Guillotines rocking tonight!!

James: I enjoy watching mostly Science Fiction and action films.

Eric: Watching Interstellar and House of Cards on my P series Vizio, mind blown!

Justin: House of cards, hopefully ultraflix soon, as Sony announced they’re releasing it on 2014 models now.

Mark: Love nature docs in HD and beyond. Desperate to see Interstellar in UHD though!!!!!

Michael: Martial arts baby

Alison: The documentaries are awesome!

Craig: Love 4k action flix

Bryant: Interstellar was amazing. Looking forward to GI Joe on 4K. CANNOT WAIT to see what other movies UltraFlix has in store!

Karl: I watch everything I can.

Todd: Ultraflix looks great.

Rodney: Rocky

Steve: Sports, Iron Dragon, UFC if available, Concerts, Interstellar, Armada Channel, Imax

Chengming: G.I.Joe

Aug: I like iron dragon for some kung fu action

Derek: I’ve watched bloodline in 4k. Interstellar will be next on UltraFlix.

Pat: Been rewatching Orphan Black and Breaking Bad in 4k. Also, looking forward to Daredevil tomorrow in 4k, and Interstellar on UltraFlix.

John: I want it Now.

Jorn: Movies & Armada Music on UltraFlix

And, now something else to look forward to as more and more people are buying 4K Ultra HD TV sets … Netflix just announced that it will offer an eight-part nature documentary titled “Our Planet” in 2019 that will be shot and delivered in the Ultra HD 4K format. Netflix acquired exclusive distribution rights to the series from Silverback Films and conservation group WWF.

Guest Segment:

Dr. Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist and Director of Research – CEA & Author of “Digital Destiny”

This Week’s Prizes for Our Listeners

Education.Com: Several “Brainzy” 12-month codes for online early-learning programs for math and reading. If you’ve got Kids … you WANT one of these!

PhoneSoap: Several Antibacterial – All Natural Touch Screen Polish (Ad lib: sorta like Cap Stick for your Phones & Tablets)

NanoTech: Several UltraFlix Gift Cards for 4K Content, like movies and a ton of other cool stuff. Let us know if you have a 4K Ultra HD TV!

iLuv: A pair of ReFashionOlogy Canvas Exterior, Collapsible Headphones with a Titanium Diaphragm

Westinghouse: Unplug Wireless Bluetooth Sound System


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Written by Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline is the founder, Host & Executive Producer of "Into Tomorrow" in addition to being President of the Advanced Media Network".

Dave is also a trusted and familiar voice on many national commercials & narrations in addition to being an authority in consumer tech since 1994. He is also a former Police Officer and an FBI Certified Instructor.

Dave thrives on audience participation!

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