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Weekend of February 23, 2024

Tech News and Commentary

Dave and Chris discuss a security breach for smart cameras, car colors and crashes, sharing passwords with Google’s password manager, NASA looking for candidates for a Mars simulation study, Ai and dementia, satellite radio layoffs, and more.

Mark asked: “Should we be concerned about Temu, the online Chinese website?”

Mark, for the time being, yes.

Temu tries to access an unusual amount of information from the device its running on including whether the app had administrator privileges, whether other apps can be installed, it records and sends the devices MAC address and its location, and tries to get permission to record audio and install packages, both things a shopping app shouldn’t need, at least not enough attempting a voice search.

Overall, it seems to top the list of the most sensitive data hungry apps, and until that is addressed it’d be a good idea to avoid it.

Grizzly reports studied its behavior and called it the most dangerous malware currently in circulation and their experts estimate they lose an average of $30 an order primarily due to shipping costs, and they think it has a different purpose than making money from sales.

They do have tempting prices, but they’re probably not that different to what you’d find on less shady Chinese dropshipping apps like AliExpress.

Until the privacy concerns are addressed and cleared up, you’re better off playing it safe and skipping it.

Tim in Greenville, South Carolina asked: “I’ve noticed that when my phone is connected to my car through Android Auto and I’m using Google Maps, if I’m on a phone call while I’m being guided somewhere through Google Maps, I no longer get audio prompts for like my turn, my exit coming up. I have to constantly look at the map. I guess Google thinks that they don’t want to disturb my phone call, but I would rather it just say my directions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed my exit because I’m on a phone call. Strangely, I’ve noticed that when I’m not using Android Auto, but my phone is just connected through Bluetooth, It works just fine – even if I’m on a phone call – but it doesn’t do it when I’m connected to Android Auto. Is there any way is there like a setting I’m missing or something like that?”

Tim, you could be missing a setting, but unfortunately there are no guarantees on this one.

There is a setting to control this, if you:

1. Open Maps

2. Go to Settings

3. Go to Navigation Settings.

There you should see a Sound and Voice section.

In that section there will be a setting to “Play voice during phone calls”.

In theory turning that on should make your voice directions work during phone calls.

The less great news is that it seems to be hit or miss. Sometimes this seems to work as intended, sometimes it doesnt seem to do anything at all.

It seems to require the right combination of phone, car, and luck, so well keep your fingers crossed for you.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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