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Weekend of January 12, 2024

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Chris in Millsboro, Delaware asked: “Question on the new iPad Air… It seems that when you try to run Microsoft programs, the programs run slower than other programs. Is there something I can do to speed that up, or is that just the way it is on the new iPad Air?”

Chris, the current iPad Air is a powerful tablet and its not itself sluggy, however software can be optimized for different architectures and it is possible that Microsoft hasnt gone out of its way to optimize their offerings to run better on a new Apple product.

Long term that would probably be shortsighted of them, the truth is that switching from Office to Googles Workspace takes minutes, costs the same, and once someone switches to a product that works normally theyre unlikely to start up another paid subscription just to see if the old product got any better. The same goes for Outlook, or any cloud storage, for example.

Having said that, they may see it differently and they may have a vested interest in making tablets seem inadequate for work so that more people settle for laptops running their operating system when they would otherwise not need them.

In any case, Microsofts software will need to be updated to take advantage of the new hardware and squeeze the most it can out of it, but the new iPads are more than capable of running Microsofts programs.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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