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Weekend of June 30, 2023

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Norman in Chattanooga, Tennessee and asked: I got a TV that’s hooked up to a soundbar. But there’s no place on the TV or the soundbar to plug in my other speakers because I want more sound going around my house and into the back room. i got the other speakers, theyre Pioneers. Is there any sort of link, or sort of hookup or any way to transfer the sound from this soundbar or the TV to these speakers?

Norman, typically soundbars have inputs but no outputs since theyre usually used on their own.

Some brands like Bose and Samsung support either wired or wireless speakers so your first step should be to check the manual to be safe and make sure there isnt an out of the box, fully supported way to do this with your particular model.

Assuming thats not the case (which is the most like scenario), then youll be looking at workarounds more than ideal solutions.

Some people physically wire speakers to their soundbars, that tends to be a bad idea, the soundbar may not have the power to drive the speakers, or the impedance may not match that of its internal speakers and could potentially damage the soundbar. Some soundbar warranties are voided by trying something like that.

Your other option is to get an optical audio splitter and split the signal coming out of your TV so its fed to both the soundbar and the speakers.

The downside of that is that you wont be getting true surround sound, but the sound coming from multiple directions may be enough for you to consider it an improvement over the standalone soundbar.

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