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What the Tech Do You Need Back to School …

With many schools going high tech, students are looking for even more to keep them connected. Smartphones like the iPhone and Moto-g  are popular because while they provide a communication tool for students, they can also be used for online and app needs, calculators and other helpful tools.

Tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note  and Microsoft Surface  are great tools that allow users the ability to connect online as well as take notes, download apps and more.


Many schools are now connected with Facebook and Twitter offering followers a great deal of news and information that help students and families. Specific departments within the schools like related arts, Marching band, Football and cheer teams and more will also have their own pages to follow for up to date information including events and fundraisers which are always important. Using that new tech will help keep you in the know.

If you’re looking for more of a work machine, there are many all in one computers and laptops available from lots of places including Lenovo and Dell. You can also check with your favorite retail outlet like Best Buy.

You’ll want a cool case to house your tech and a visit to Caselogic will help that.

You’ll want a cool case to house your tech and a visit to Caselogic will help that.

IThe trashy headphones have a slightly nicer-looking button array for remote volume adjustment/pause/play/skip/take call.f you’d like to customize your tech you can purchase Skins that express your individuality.

Zazzle  is a cool place for students to get personalized items such as phone cases, laptop bags, tablets covers and many other school items.

Favorite retailers like Target, Tiger Direct  and Staples  are offering great deals for your back to school tech needs. Don’t forget to check out some great external harddrives to keep you backed up!

Kids are always using headphones and earbuds and if you check out LeapfrogToys R Us and Bose you will have some great choices.

We hope all of our Friends have great tech experiences back to school. Feel free to share what your favorite is with us “Into Tomorrow”!


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Written by Beth Gatrell

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