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Tech Out Some Back to School Help …

Seems hard to believe but within these next couple of weeks kids will begin their journeys back to school!

Heading online can help you prepare for a great year! Some of the most important information you need to know is what type of vaccines your child will need and the CDC  has the facts available for you.

   Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and Real Simple has some great recipes that kids will love!   

As the students and parents adjust schedules and get back in the swing of the school year, one of their most used tech items will be the alarm clock  and whether you’re low tech or high tech you probably need one. Many use the clocks on their smartphones but some rely on those found at retailers like Target  for fun ones kids enjoy!

Mornings may be a little hectic and visiting Clean Organized Family Home  or Pinterest will give you great tips to making yours run smoothly.

Teens may like to visit places like Seventeen for tips on making this school year their most fashionable ever.

And speaking of teens if you have one that brings their tech to school, like their cell phone, be sure they know the rules of using or not using it at school and if you need to, check to see if you can turn off their service for the hours they will be in school.

Now is a great time to shop your favorite stores online to find great back to school deals that you can get delivered right to your door from places like Best Buy  and Office Max. 

Once the school day is over students will still need to study and tech can still help there with sites like BrainPop  which offers free online educational games and activities for kids. Since reading is a big part of study for all ages downloading apps like Scholastic’s reading timer  will really help.

And if you have a hard time getting kids off the TV or video games check out devices like the Play Limit   which takes tokens, they can earn for doing homework or reading, in exchange for TV or game time.

   With the right tech you can have fun while getting into the groove of school.   

We wish all of our school friends  a very happy Back to School!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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