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Windows 10: How Can You Get It For Free?

Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline listener Jim in Carey, North Carolina listens on WPTF 680 AM want to upgrade to Windows 10, but doesn’t know why, he asked:

I have a couple fairly new computers running Windows 8.1. I know Windows 10 is coming out soon. Can you give us a simple way to get on Windows 10?

If your computers are eligible and fully updated, you should’ve gotten an invitation to reserve Windows 10 automatically by way of the “Get Windows 10” app, which also notifies the user when their copy is available.

Windows 10 upgrade notification
Windows 10 upgrade notification

If you did not, you should check that your copies of Windows are updated since that’s the main reason some people haven’t gotten the notice, that and… well, that you’re not pirating Windows.

If your copies of Windows are not activated, or if Microsoft for some reason thinks they’re not legitimate you will not be offered a free upgrade to Windows 10. So, if you’re using less that completely legal copies, no free Windows 10 for you. If you’re using legitimately licensed copies, make sure Microsoft agrees that they are, and if they’re not fix that first.

If all else fails, there are alternate solutions in Microsoft’s own forums but they get a little technical, so give the other solutions a chance before you attempt it.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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