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4K OLED TVs, Chicken Balls, and Smash The Office

LG EG9600-series OLED TV

Consumer Reports segment

This week Consumer Reports’ James McQueen joins Into Tomorrow to talk about LG’s newest OLED TVs:

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new LG EG9600-series OLED TV. Anyone who values picture quality has been anxiously awaiting OLED TVs ever since it became apparent that plasma TVs were going the way of the dodo, rear-projection TVs, and CRT sets, despite their superior performance.

OLED shares many plasma TV attributes, such as unlimited viewing angles and resistance to blurring on fast-motion scenes. But it can produce even darker blacks than plasma, which can serve as the basis for excellent color reproduction. OLED also assumes some of the attributes we like about LCD sets, such as better-than-plasma brightness. When you combine all these ingredients, you have a recipe for the best TV ever.

And in many ways, the $5,500 55-inch LG 4K OLED set is among the best TVs we’ve tested. In fact, if it weren’t for mediocre sound quality, it would have the highest overall score of any set in our TV Ratings. It has excellent HD picture quality, and its UHD performance was very good. It also has the benchmark-setting black levels we’ve come to expect from OLED TVs.

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Favorite Apps Of The Week

This week, we featured an app review by AppCheck of an app with a funny name

Chicken Balls App
Chicken Balls


Chicken Balls is a game reminiscent of Angry Birds that you can own for $0.99. Unlike Angry Birds, though, you are fighting aliens in Roswell in 1947. AppCheck thinks it’s a hit.



From the “blowing off steam” department, Chris recommended Smash The Office:

My app this week is one I talked about a while back on the show, but I’ve found myself using it again, constantly, so I figured I’d talk about it again. It’s called “Smash The Office.” If you’ve ever gotten so stressed at work that you felt like taking a golf club to everything in the office but didn’t feel like dealing with the police or jail time, this app is for you. You are in the office, armed with a golf club and you have one minute to smash as much as you can. Destroy cubicles, computers, water coolers – everything. The more you destroy the more points you get. You also get coins that you can use to buy “power-ups” to help you destroy more in less time. Is a fun little addictive game that may help relieve a little work day stress. It’s free in the iTunes App Store.
Author's image
Chris Graveline

What are your favorite Apps? Let us know anytime 24/7 by using the AUDIO option on our free “Into Tomorrow” Apps or by calling us at 800-899-INTO and we’ll feature them in this segment! 

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