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Online Learning 

Technology is playing a major part in education and students of all ages are using it.

Whether you’re looking for a new laptop for your school work or an online class you can take in your living room with a superstar instructor, technology has you covered.

If you are a student in school, you are most likely using a computer of some kind whether you’re in kindergarten or college.

Thankfully most grade schools provide their students with laptops, however you can add your own tech to them by purchasing special cases or bags to carry and protect them. Earbuds or headphones are a good tool to use especially for students who are part of video calls.

Students who are not provided with their own laptops have many options to consider like; memory, bluetooth capability, battery life, screen display size, ease of storage and portability as well as other important features like system mechanics and warranties. 

Assignments are being done online through secure programs and students are submitting their work through those portals and can access their grades and other important educational information at any time.

Online classes are available for students continuing their education through major educational institutions. Video conference meetings are playing a huge role in those courses as students and instructors gather virtually to discuss class material.

If you’re not an everyday student but would like the chance to take a class geared toward your specific interests, try an online Master Class instructed by your favorite star! Learn to cook with Gordon Ramsey, Conservation with Dr. Jane Goodall, Business Strategy and Leadership with Bob Iger or even Songwriting and producing with Alicia Keys! 

There are also many places like zoo’s, museums, orchestras and more streaming live activities including interactive web meetings and concerts. 

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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