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With most everyone owning and on their smartphones all day, everyday, people are concerned about being hacked on their social media or bank account … more so than even their own personal safety or health!

A recent survey showed Americans aren’t as scared of a natural disaster and feel pretty secure with their home security since they can lock their doors and have luxuries like video doorbells and surveillance cameras that allow you to see who’s at your door as well as activate emergency services if needed. You can’t, however, do that with your online world and people are scared of what to do.

Some people feel comfortable with various security apps and software available to download that will monitor your device and alert you any threats. There are multiple options available and you can compare them online to find the best fit for you!

Other good habits you can practice everyday that will help keep you secure include using strong hard to guess passwords as well as taking advantage of two factor authorization tools.

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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