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An Easier Way To Manage Receipts

Leonard in Raleigh, North Carolina listens on WPTF 680 AM and asked about managing receipts

Receipts© by Pixabay

Leonard asked: “I have all these receipts and I’m tired of using a scanner to scan the receipts. Is there a product out there with my phone or anything to scan a receipt and put them in different categories?”


Leonard, there are some apps you can use to scan your receipts but you’ll find that they probably won’t categorize them for you, and they probably will cost you a few dollars.

Receipts is a $10 app that can group your receipts into categories and keep count of how much money you’re spending on each category. It is useful if you have set budgets for different things, but it is one of the most expensive apps we’ve seen.

Evernote’s Scannable will scan receipts for you very quickly and let you save them, but it will push Evernote’s cloud pretty hard on you, which can be offputting to many. It is however free.

Another flavor of this is Microsoft’s Office Lens, it will scan your receipts, but it will push Microsoft’s other offerings pretty hard.

Both of these apps are also for marketed for more than receipts, you can also scan general documents, and business cards, and that means that they don’t bother with receipt-specific categories.

Now, if you don’t mind being dragged into Evernote after all, Receiptmate integrates with their services and it is receipt-specific. It can read totals (if you first tell it where the number is), which saves you from having to type them in manually, and it will let you categorize, and get reports on your spending later. Receiptmate is not free, but at $3 it’s at least cheaper than Receipts.

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Written by Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline is the founder, Host & Executive Producer of "Into Tomorrow" in addition to being President of the Advanced Media Network".

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