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Apple Introduces New MacBook Pro Series With Touch Keys

MacBook Pro© by Apple

Apple introduced new a 13″ and a 15″ MacBook Pro

The new notebooks are thinner (and thinner than a MacBook Air, too), have 10 hour battery lives, as expected are more powerful than all previous MacBooks, and feature four Thunderbolt 3 ports.

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro With Touch Bar

The standout new feature, though, is the new Touch Bar. The TouchBar is a 10-finger, multitouch retina display that replaces the old function keys.

The TouchBar is context-aware and can display keys for the functions most often associated with function keys, such as volume and brightness adjustment, but it can also display application specific content.

For example, the Touch Bar may display addresses when the focus is on the “To:” field of an email program, or emojis in a chat program, or tools and previews on media editing software.

The new Pros also feature a Touch ID-enabled power button that can be used to unlock the computer, to pay with Apple Pay, and the switch users.

Apple TV

Apple also showed off an Apple TV app just called “TV” that can aggregate media from different application to serve as a central hub for living room.

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