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Apple’s WWDC 2022 Event’s Highlights

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iOS and iPadOS 16

Source: Apple
  • iOS 16
    • Called it the “biggest update ever to lock screen, completely reimagining how it works.”
    • allows users to customize the lock screen with widgets — which have already been available on the home screen
    • You can adjust the time and date font and color. 
    • Users can shuffle background photos throughout the day or choose animated backgrounds.
    • The focus feature will be expanded to the lock screen to allow users to choose how to filter notifications.
    • On iMessage, Apple added options to edit messages, unsend and mark threads as unread.
    • SharePlay will expand to iMessage, so users can watch or listen to media simultaneously and be able to stop and start in the same spot.
    • Small merchants will have a new way to accept Apple Pay directly from a tap with the iPhone, without additional hardware.
    • There will be a new buy now, pay later option.
    • A new shared iCloud library will make it easier to share photos with family and friends.
    • A Safety Check center will allow users to quickly revoke location access to other users, a feature Apple said is meant to give back control to survivors of domestic violence and protect personal data and safety when leaving a relationship.
    • A CarPlay update, which will allow drivers to control air conditioning, radio and more, will be integrated by several automakers, with the new cars being announced late next year.
  • iPadOS 16
    • new software lets two people easily collaborate on iPads. Users can message one another or start a FaceTime call to discuss what they’re working on.
    • introducing a new app called Freeform later this year. It’s a collaborative whiteboard app that lets people work on a document at the same time
    • Apple is rolling out Stage Manager, which will let you overlay apps and change window sizes. This means you should be able to see more of your open apps at the same time

macOS Ventura

Source: Apple
  • Apple’s new macOS is called macOS Ventura
    • With the stage manager feature, users can more easily organize open windows. It groups apps together on the side and allows users to toggle through groupings of different windows.
    • Mail will be able to undo sent messages and have a more powerful search suggestion bar.
    • Passkeys offers a password alternative that can be created using TouchID.
    • Another new feature lets you use your iPhone as a webcam.

New Hardware

Source: Apple
  • Apple announces new M2 chip
    • It’s the successor to Apple’s M1 chip, which is used in Macs and iPads.
    • The chip will include 25% more transistors and 50% more bandwidth than M1.
    • Apple said it’s focused on power-efficient performance, maximizing speed while limiting the amount of power needed to do so.
  • New 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 chip
    • The external appearance doesn’t seem to be getting much of a revamp.
    • The newest MacBook Pro starts at $1,299. 
    • Apple didn’t provide exact release dates but said it will be released next month.
    • promising up to 20 hours of battery life, along with an 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU and up to 24 GB of memory
  • New MacBook Air with M2 Chip
    • comes in four colors: space gray, starlight, midnight and silver. 
    • It will cost $1,199 and Apple will still sell the earlier MacBook Air with its M1 chip.
    • It’s charged with Apple’s MagSafe and has two Thunderbolt ports.
    • 2.7 pounds and will have a 13.6″ display with thinner borders than its predecessor.
    • has an 18-hour battery life for watching video.
    • Apple didn’t provide an exact launch date except that it will be released next month.

watchOS 9

Source: Apple
  • New Apple Watch software – watchOS 9
    • The update will include new long-awaited sleep-tracking features so users can see how long they’re in each sleep stage.
    • Workout app is being revamped to include heart rate zones and new running metrics to track how efficiently you run.
    • Users will also be able to track and manage their medications, vitamins and supplements with the Health app.
    • watchOS 9 will also include new watch faces, including an astronomy face and the lunar calendar.


Source: Apple
  • Updates to CarPlay
    • new software has “deep integration with the car’s hardware”
    • iPhone will communicate with your car and provide all the data on the screens of your car, such as your speed, how much gas is left, maps, rpm and more.
    • the next vehicles that support it will start to be announced late next year.

Apple Pay

Source: Apple
  • Apple Pay Later
    • will allow you to buy things wherever Apple Pay is accepted and then pay for it in four payments over six weeks. 
    • Apple says there are no fees.


  • Apple will allow users to edit and recall iMessages
    • If the message is an iMessage, not an SMS text, then users will be able to edit messages, recall messages sent by mistake, and snooze texts so users can handle them later.

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