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Are You Ready For Some Football … With Your Tech?

This weekend begins the College Football season with the NFL soon to follow and if you’re a fan you will love using your tech to keep up to date on all the latest news and information. 

Watching games on TV is great but when you’re not near one and with so many different games, you’re bound to miss something. 

By visiting The NCAA or the NFL, you can obtain all the information you need including live scores, standings, player info and even ways to watch any games not available in your area. Both sites also have Apps you can download for quick access to all the scores and information you need.

You can also visit your favorite team’s website for up to the minute game scores, player stats, ways to listen and watch and pretty much anything else you need to know about your favorite teams. 

Various sites offer news about players who are injured or traded along with other news and highlights about the teams. Do some searches and find the site that’s set up to your liking.

Have a little fun and set up your own Fantasy Football League where you can make your own fantasy team with your favorite players from around the league and you earn points with every play they make, along with losing points if they don’t play well. 

Teams are available at both ESPN and the NFL and if you’re unsure just how to play take a visit to the site for some help. 

These sites also offer mobile Apps so you will always be in touch with your football wherever you go!

While you’re enjoying your online football experience be sure to check out the latest plays on the tech field with us! 

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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