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Awareness The Tech Way …

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and you can use your tech to raise awareness, educate yourself on the disease, shop, donate and even download apps to remind you to keep up on your health screenings!

Widely recognized organizations offer extensive information about breast cancer including survivor stories, information about the journey, additional ways to donate and even helplines with free support. Many of their sites also offer free apps so you can keep up with all of the information on the go.

Raise awareness by showing off a pink case for your favorite tech or decorate it with a special breast cancer awareness skin or stickers.

Add an awareness band to your smartwatch.

You can also add special filters to your photos and use one to update your social media profile picture which will raise awareness to anyone who sees it.

Support breast cancer awareness by shopping online as well as donating to help victims, survivors and their families.

An important part of breast cancer awareness is making sure to take care of yourself with proper prevention. There are a few apps available that will not only give you important information about breast cancer but will help remind you to do things such as your yearly mammogram.

While you’re in the App store be sure to download our FREE Into Tomorrow App to be reminded of the latest in consumer tech!

Wishing you the best health and a cure 

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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