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Block That Ex Right Out Of Your Social Media Memories …

Many people are enjoying the “On This Day” feature in their Facebook feeds which randomly picks some of your posts from that day in years past and gives you the option of sharing them on your current feed. 

The On This Day feature is great however, there are days when you just don’t want to be reminded of a particular person.  

 Now Facebook is allowing you the ability to block memories of certain people. Whether you have just broken up with a significant other, are fighting with your sibling or mother-in-law or even just not ready to face memories of a recently deceased loved one, you don’t want to see their picture in a memory on your Facebook feed.

By going into the “On This Day” feature and selecting the preferences menu, you can block or unblock any Facebook friend from showing up in your memories for that day in your history.

This is a great feature for when you don’t want to get rid of the memory, especially when it was a happy day, but you aren’t ready to move on to looking back with a positive smile.  

                                                                                                                                                                                     blocked boy

Or for when you are no longer upset with the person and wishing you hadn’t deleted them from your pictures.

Wishing you Happy “On This Day” posts!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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