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Can The Galaxy S5 Use An OTG Cable

Robert in Lewes, Delaware listens on Delaware 105.9 asked about OTG connectors

Samsung Galaxy S5

Robert asked: “I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and am curious will an OTG cable work on this type of phone? I wanted to see if mine would be compatible before I bought one.”


Robert, your Samsung Galaxy S5 is compatible with OTG cables, just don’t expect every device to work with it.

If you’re thinking about connecting external hard drives, or flash drives, that is supported, but don’t expect a USB camera, or a USB printer to work.

You will only be able to interact with FAT32 formatted external storage

In fact, you will only be able to interact with FAT32 formatted external storage, any other storage format is not supported and your phone won’t be able to access it even if you plug it into the OTG cable.

Depending on how much storage you have on your phone, it may be easier for you to just plug your phone into a computer directly and transfer files that way, if all you’re looking for is to transfer files from a computer.

Having said that, if you need to access data on a flash drive on the go, yes, an OTG cable will work with your Galaxy S5.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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