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Inexpensive Laptops For Updating Websites – Nextbooks, Chromebooks

Nextbook Flexx 11

Into Tomorrow listener Mark in Lewes, Delaware asked us about getting a cheap laptop to update his websites, he said:

I’ve been in the market for a notebook or tablet that I would be able to type on in updating my webpages. I found the Nextbook 11, that had a couple of bad reviews. I wonder what your take on the Nextbook 11 is.

The question here is: what do you expect from a $200 computer-tablet hybrid?

The Nextbook Flexx 11 runs windows, the Nextbook Ares 11 runs Android, both are roughly around $200, the Flexx is interesting in that it’s basically a competitor to Microsoft’s far more expensive Surface Pro.

The Flexx 11 comes with Windows 8.1, but it is eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10, and for the price it performs reasonably well, as long as you understand it’s limitations.

If updating your websites involves heavy Photoshop use then this computer may not be for you, if updating your websites involves a content management system (like WordPress), it should work out for you. The question is, is it the best option for that?

Consider a Chromebook

HP Chromebook
HP Chromebook 14

It sounds like what you want may basically be a web browser, and technology being what it is, you need a physical computer to be able to have a browser. If that’s the case, you’re really looking for a Chromebook.

Chromebooks can be had for about the same price as a Nextbook 11, they’re about the same size, they have great battery life, and they are virtually maintenance free. The downside is: you only get a browser, you won’t be able to use any standalone program, just webpages, and webapps.

It sounds like what you want may basically be a web browser

You did ask specifically about the Nextbook 11, so here’s what we think: it’s a $200 computer, it will not perform like $1200 computer, but it also won’t cost you $1200 either. If you buy it, do it knowing what you’re getting.

This is not a high end machine, it won’t last forever, and it won’t necessarily be super fast at all times, but if you do one thing at a time and are a little tight moneywise at the moment, it may do the job for you. Just go into this with realistic expectations.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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