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Copy, Scan, Save and More All While On The Go …

There are times where you find yourself needing to make a copy of a document as well as sending or saving one while you are out and about. There are many ways using your tech can help.

For some taking a simple picture of the document, or a screenshot if reading it from their mobile device, is sufficient. But for those that need a more professional or organized approach, check out some of these cool Apps like Fast Scanner.  This App allows you to scan and save things like documents, receipts and business cards and you can also print and send them.

 You can even use these apps to declutter your desk by saving them on your device and getting rid of the paper.  

More scanning Apps you may like to try include TurboScan which features a great cloud service for saving your documents and CamScanner allowing easy editing of them.

You can even simplify expense reports by taking a picture of your receipt and sending it with Genius Scan

scanner cards

If you’re looking specifically to organize your business cards and contacts try out ScanBizCards, Cam Card or Clinck which all feature great systems for organizing and managing business contacts.

Let us know which helped you the best at keeping organized and paper-free … “Into Tomorrow”

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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