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Dare to compare …

With cell phone models changing all the time and easier ways to upgrade, it’s a good idea to compare models before you spend your money and get into a contract you can’t handle. You could spend days visiting each store and comparing their phone prices and rates or…

You can head online right from the comfort of home and can check every available carrier, product and service available.

If it’s a new phone you’re looking for you can check out each manufacturer’s website which lists all information and features like, Apple,  Samsung, Verykool  and Motorola.  Sites that compare information on features, capacity, operating system, camera and much more for all phone models are a great resource as well. Some include Phone ArenaSpecout  and Gizmag

You’ll also want to compare those rate plans to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. WhistleOut  and My Rate Plan are some good sites with information and tips on rates from all the major carriers.

Download Apps to compare on the go like Smartphone Connect.

We also invite you to follow  us as we compare phones, rates and much more “Into Tomorrow”!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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