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Dashcams That Will Survive Accidents

Listener Mary in Lynn, MA wants recommendations for a dashcam that won't stop recording during an accident


Mary asked: “My friend was in an accident and has a dashcam. We removed the card from the vehicle and went to play it back. It was a little like the missing minutes in the Watergate tapes. The recording went from him being stopped at a red light waiting to turn, and then his smashed window when the vehicle was stopped. Nothing was removed from the card. I want to get a dashcam, but I don’t want something that would leave me in the same situation or raise suspicion that I manipulated something. I am looking for a recommendation.”

Mary, Garmin’s $200 Dashcam 35, and $170 Dashcam 30 both have built in sensor to recognize an accident has taken place, so they should be able to keep recording through the shockwave of a crash.

The Dash 35 actually comes with a Forward Collision Warning feature, so it may actually help you stay safer from collisions, at least if they’re coming from the front.

The KDLinks X1 may work for you too, it’s high def, it has sensors to detect accidents and a button to lock the current file so it can’t be deleted in case you see anything that you need to keep, and it will cost you around $170.

Unfortunately, most cameras around are basically generics from China

Unfortunately, most cameras around are basically generics from China, so before you buy anything make sure that they have accident detection, a good resolution, and good night vision. Other features like parking bump detection, which records other cars hitting yours while parallels parking are nice, but not nearly as important as having good resolution and the sensors to ensure that your accident is recorded.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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