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Doctor Visit From Your Couch

Oh no, feeling sick and quarantined or just not wanting to be out of the safety of your home? Head online for a virtual doctor’s visit!

For many people right now they are quarantined to their homes or for their own safety are self quarantining to keep the COVID-19 virus away from them and their loved ones.

People unfortunately are still getting sick but thanks to technology they are able to be diagnosed and treated from the comfort of their own homes!

More and more online doctors are offering their services during this time, like TelaDoc, Baptist Hospital and MD Live. These sites will put you in touch with a medical specialist who can diagnose your problem and give you care instructions including calling in a prescription.

This is a great tool for some who may take medications on a regular basis but run out and need more. 

There are plenty of specialists available online including therapists who can help with stress and anxiety which can definitely have  a higher level during these trying times.

Some of your own doctors including pediatricians are offering their services online for established patients so be sure to check with your family’s doctors to see how they are handling patients.

Lots of people are online now  joining discussions about health symptoms, problems and what they do about them. With any online advice not from a licensed physician, please use caution.

Another great tech tool you can use for minor health issues is one of many symptom checkers available for you to input your symptoms and give you a possible diagnosis with treatment options. You can then decide if you need to contact your doctor or an online medical source for further help.

Most all of these helpful medical resources have mobile apps available to make it even more convenient so be sure to check them out.

And don’t forget to grab our Virus Free Into Tomorrow App at no charge and interact safely with us during your extra time at home!

Wishing all of our Friends good health!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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