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Easy To Use Video Editing Software

Marlee in North Dakota asked us for video editing software recommendations

Video Editing Studio

Marlee asked: “I need video editing software that is easy to use and doesn’t take the hours of a part time job, to use at work.”


if you’re not looking to create very complex videos, your best bet may be to stick the simpler free software. It’s possible that your computer even came with one.

Unfortunately, Microsoft decided not to bring Movie Maker to Windows 10, but you have several free options that can take its place.

Avidemux is multiplatform, it has been around for a very long time, and it’s supposed to be very simple. On the opposite side of that, you have Lightworks, which is also multiplatform and it’s extremely capable, but you’ll lose some of the simplicity if you want to use the higher end features. If you’re willing to spend some money, you can try CyberLink PowerDirector.

Keep in mind that even when you use a comparatively simpler program, editing videos is always time consuming

We should mention that the old Windows Movie Maker still works on the newer versions of Windows, it’s just not supported by them. If you want to make a video today, it may be a good free choice, if you want a program you can use indefinitely, you should probably skip it.

Keep in mind that even when you use a comparatively simpler program, editing videos is always time consuming, there’s no way around it. It will take a some time to make the video look good, especially before you know how to use the software you’re working with.

Movavi isn’t free, but it isn’t expensive either at $39.95, and it is extremely easy to use. It reminds us a lot of Windows Movie Maker, if anything it’s even simpler to use than Movie Maker was, with a nice drag-and-drop interface for almost everything. You can download a free limited version from their website ( and try it before you buy it.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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