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Financial Security

With all the new technology these days it’s so convenient to spend your money, just make sure you are taking precautions to not make it so convenient for thieves to spend it as well!

Most people don’t carry cash these days and they use their credit or bank cards to pay for things. These days those cards come with chips that will enhance the security of your payment 

There are also a few things you can do to increase the security of your card.

When using your debit card, pay as credit rather than having to type in your pin code which can be seen and copied by others. 

Try to only use ATMs at a bank or other trusted retail establishment rather than a kiosk where skimmers are more prevalent.

Keep your PIN secure and don’t use numbers that would be easy for others to guess like your or your children’s birthday.

Using your smartphone to save bank cards and money in your electronic wallet is a very convenient way to pay but be sure you keep that information secure and locked with a passcode or even better, facial recognition.

A favorite of many is ordering things online and if that’s you, make sure you are ordering from trusted sites and if there is ever a question call them or your bank to check them out.

There are many cash paying apps you can download and use to send secure payments, just make sure you download one trusted by your bank and make sure you have the correct contact information for anyone you are sending or receiving money from.

If you find your debit or credit card may have been compromised, call your financial institution right away or head online to your app to block the card from being used and report it so you will be covered for transactions that were not yours.

Best of luck with your financial security and be sure to participate with us Into Tomorrow where it’s always Free and you gain prizes for doing so!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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