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Fixing Printing Issues With An Android Phone

Jack in Brooklyn, New York asked us about printing from his phone

Android Smartphones

Jack asked: “I have a problem ever since I upgraded to my Galaxy 7 Edge from the Note 4. I can no longer print properly when I print a Gmail. I get an error about settings not changing or something like that. It only happens when I try to print a Gmail body. If I try to print an attachment, no problem. And when I print the body, it’s only when I try to alter it, like printing “double-sided” for instance, as soon as I pull down the menu, that’s when I get the error.”


Jack, you’re not alone, and most people reporting this problem seem to be using Samsung phones.

There are a few solutions that you can try, if you happen to have an antivirus on your phone, you can try disabling it. Some people say that works.

Unencrypted data may float around the internet when you print an email

The most likely fix, though, is to go to your Google account (the one linked to the Gmail account, in case you have more than one) and change your security settings to allow what Google calls “less secure apps.”

That sounds really ominous, and Google says it refers to apps and devices that “do not use modern security standards,” which probably means encryption.

That means that unencrypted data may float around the internet when you print an email, if that’s a dealbreaker for your, you may be out of options other than to sit and wait for an update that implements the security requirements Google has set.

If it’s not a dealbreaker to you, you can allow “less secure apps” to work with your Google account by going to and click “Allow less secure apps” which you will find at the bottom of the “Sign in and Security” section.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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