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Fooled Ya! … Via Tech…

Lots of people will be taking part in the fun of April Fools Day and you can too with a little help from your tech.

Heading to April Fools Day 2016 will give you some great ideas for pranks on both kids and grown-ups as well as jokes, quotes, memes and more for the the fun filled day.

Other great sites that are worth a look for fun April Fools ideas and information are Popular Mechanics and Bored Panda featuring things like an air horn attached under your coworkers chair or covering their computer mouse.


  There’s even a site called We Are Teachers  that include some pranks for teachers that will definitely shock students and bring out the fun.   

In addition to prank ideas, Best April Fools Pranks and April Fools Day Jokes also offer images and wallpaper, hilarious status update ideas for your social media accounts, images to send and a bunch of other fun ideas.  april fools 2

KidzWorld  is a cool site for kids to visit because it not only tells them of the history behind the silly day but it gives a few funny ideas for pranks kids can pull off. And they will surely get a kick out of the ideas and activities from Enchanted Learning  and  Apples for the Teacher where they can also print worksheets of activities to do.

Check out the Parenting site for a bunch of ideas that work perfect for tricks on the whole family.

  If you feel like touring a museum check out Museum of Hoaxes where you can see the top hoaxes of all time.   
 cracked screen 2

For some fun times on the go, download the Transparent screen or Broken Screen Apps  to make your friends think your phone has issues.

Make sure you’re not totally fooled when you read about a story online, check out places like Snopes  to make sure you’re not pranked into believing.

Happy April Fools and be sure to visit us “Into Tomorrow” for the latest in cool tech … No Joke!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

Beth has been a multiple hat wearer at "Into Tomorrow" since the very beginning .... Currently specializing in guest relations and promotions. And wears an additional hat as a Mom of 2 beautiful girls.

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  1. Great show for all ages and what cool stuff. Someone told me babies in next generation will born with phones on them ready to talk to you

    What happens to apple after leaving capturino cal. no more one to ones what will happen to employees?????